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April, 2014

A New Series at BMW

It wasn't long ago that A-Safe installed hundreds of meters of their flexible barrier range in the new BMW distribution centre in Northampton, and they car manufacturers have come back for more.

February, 2014

Safety Fit For A Prince

A-Safe added another food and drink group to their glowing portfolio in 2014, when Princes Foods contacted them about structural protection of their premises.

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A-SAFE – Simply Safer, Simply Better

A-Safe is the most innovative safety barrier system ever. So innovative in fact, that it effectively makes conventional steel barriers obsolete. 

The secret of A-Safe's success lies in the polymer-based material that all the products in the range are made from. Unlike steel, which simply dents or crumples when a vehicle hits it, an A-Safe barrier will spring back into shape, thanks to its built-in memory. Naturally, this greatly reduces the need for damage repairs, both to the barrier and to the vehicle itself. It's a principle that the motor industry adopted long ago, which is why you'll only find plastic bumpers on cars these days.

Thanks to their modular construction, A-Safe products are supremely adaptable and easily installed, with no screws or welding involved. The initial outlay is more than outweighed by long-term cost savings with reduced maintenance and replacement.

A-Safe offers many other benefits. Their yellow and black colour scheme enables both pedestrians and drivers to see at a glance where they should and shouldn't be. The colours are solid too, so repainting is never required.

All our products are tested and certified to British Standards and meet the most stringent Health & Safety guidelines. What's more, they're fully recyclable, with a much lower carbon footprint than steel.

A-Safe offers a comprehensive line-up of products including traffic and pedestrian barriers, car park barriers, bollards, rack end barriers, handrails and access gates. But A-Safe is far more than just a range of products. It's a full consultancy, advice and back-up service, developed to ensure that you have the right product for the right application.  
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