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April, 2014

A New Series at BMW

It wasn't long ago that A-Safe installed hundreds of meters of their flexible barrier range in the new BMW distribution centre in Northampton, and they car manufacturers have come back for more.

February, 2014

Safety Fit For A Prince

A-Safe added another food and drink group to their glowing portfolio in 2014, when Princes Foods contacted them about structural protection of their premises.

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Column Protection

Column Protection

Columns are common in most facilities. They are used to support physical objects, such as structures or floodlights, and in most buildings are usually structural and load bearing. In factory, warehouse, car park and airport environments where columns are often in close proximity to vehicle traffic, impacts on columns can have serious effects on structural integrity and cause damage that can be very costly to repair or remedy. Such impacts at worst could cause a structure, mezzanine floor, roof or airport floodlight mast, to collapse with the associated risk of personnel injury or fatality in the workplace.

Due to the diverse surroundings in which columns are found they can be subject to impacts at various forces from a wide variety of vehicle types and sizes, ranging from pedestrian-operated powered vehicles, cars, goods vehicles, fork lift trucks and even aircraft at airports.

A-Safe column protectors offer a number of different designs to provide protection for columns of various sizes and sections against the wide range of forces that can be imparted by the different types of vehicle traffic movement that can be present in close proximity to a column. The designs can also offer protection to different height levels depending on the application.


A- Safe column protector range has been designed and developed for a wide variety of applications in different environments including:

Rota CP Protectors

(Are manufactured from stress crack resistant plastic and) Use an air pressure release system to cushion impact and protect columns up to a nominal section size of 300mm from low to medium impact forces. (against impacts square, circular or ‘H’ section columns.) They are suitable for protection of columns (impacts from hand or electric pedestrian powered vehicles and rider operated Fork Lift Trucks) in warehouse and vehicle loading/unloading environments and (from cars and light goods vehicles) in commercial, industrial, public or residential car park environments. (They are well suited for use on smaller section columns and in areas where there are space limitations and are ideal for mezzanine floor applications.)

Post and Rail CP Protectors

Use square section vertical posts and horizontal rails to provide low to medium impact protection for larger or irregular column section sizes in warehouse, distribution, manufacturing and car park environments where vehicles are up to 2500kgs.  

Bollard Interlinked CP Protectors

Use circular section vertical posts and horizontal rails to provide medium to high impact protection for larger or irregular column section sizes in warehouse, distribution, manufacturing and car park environments where vehicles are up to 4500kgs.  

Bollard Interlinked Heavy Duty CP Protectors

A heavier duty version of the standard Bollard Inerlinked CP Protector to provide medium to high impact protection for larger or irregular column section sizes where vehicles are larger than 4500kgs. 

A-Safe Column Protectors offer many benefits:

  • Removal or reduction of costly column damage repair costs and prevention of structural collapse.
  • Highly visible so vehicle drivers can easily where columns are located.
  • Provide impact resistance to suit the vehicle type operating in the vicinity of the column.
  • Suitable for internal and external use without the risk of damage or corrosion due to environmental conditions.
  • Customer Referral

    I would definitely advise anyone looking for safety solutions to give A-Safe a try. If safety is your job, like mine, then you are always looking for a system like A-Safe that does what it says and can make your role simpler.

    Scott Basom, Facilities Engineer Kimberly Clark, Everett Mill in Washington 

    A-Safe provides far more than just a comprehensive rang of safety products. We also offer a full consultation service, ensuring that you choose the right product for the right application. This is complemented by a full installation and maintenance package, with a leasing option available if required.

  • Technical Did You Know

    • All the column protection products can be supplied to provide impact protection to a required height level
    • Column protection products are easily assembled and installed
  • Health & Safety Did You Know

    Health & Safety – Did you know?

    “Vulnerable parts of the workplace (such as cast-iron columns, partitions, pipes and services) need to be protected from vehicles hitting them. The standard of protection should be based on how severe a collision could be.”

    Workplace transport safety. An employers' guide