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April, 2014

A New Series at BMW

It wasn't long ago that A-Safe installed hundreds of meters of their flexible barrier range in the new BMW distribution centre in Northampton, and they car manufacturers have come back for more.

February, 2014

Safety Fit For A Prince

A-Safe added another food and drink group to their glowing portfolio in 2014, when Princes Foods contacted them about structural protection of their premises.

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Light Vehicle/Wall Protection

Wall Buffer

In areas where vehicles are mainly propelled by hand or are powered and operated by pedestrians, impacts with walls, structural surfaces, machinery or goods can occur. Such impacts are unlikely to cause severe damage but can cause damage to cladding or covering materials, leave dents in surfaces, leave scratches or scuff marks on surfaces, cause equipment to break down or require replacement of stock. These impacts still have an associated repair or replacement cost which can add up over time. A rectangular sectioned barrier 75mm x 50mm deep, designed for general purpose wall protection can prevent wall damage, utilised mainly for indoor applications.

Applications and Benefits

A general purpose wall-mounted buffer rail to provide protection against impacts at higher levels from taller hand propelled items such as multi-shelved goods trolleys, wheeled containers or hospital patient trolleys and from load vehicles to suit the load height of the vehicle. The buffer length can easily be adapted to fit any space, durable, resilient and highly visible. Wall Buffers are designed to be space efficient and to occupy as small a surface area footprint as possible for their intended use as, in many instances, there are space or width limitations areas or locations where the products are used. A cost effective solution for maintaining the appearance of structures and
surfaces by keeping them free from unsightly signs of impact damage such as scuff or scrape marks, scratching, dents or other indications of unrepaired physical damage. They are easily cleaned to remove any signs of impact should it occur; suitable for internal and external use.

  • Customer Referral

    “It does what it says on the tin. It is very flexible in its application in
    terms of being able to relocate. It is the barrier of choice for us”
    Ian Webster, British Geological Survey, Keyworth